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Top 5 Domestic Airlines in India

India is home to a thriving aviation industry with several domestic airlines catering to the needs of millions of travelers within the country. Here are the top five domestic airlines in India:

  1. Vistara: Vistara is a relatively new player in the Indian aviation industry, commencing operations in 2015. It is a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines and is known for its premium services and superior in-flight experience. Vistara caters to both domestic and international destinations, with a focus on providing a luxurious and comfortable journey for its passengers.
  1. Air India: Air India, the flag carrier airline of India, has a rich history dating back to 1932. It offers both domestic and international flights, with a strong presence in major Indian cities. Air India is known for its extensive network, comfortable services, and a range of options for different classes of travelers. It continues to be a preferred choice for many passengers, especially those looking for a full-service experience.


  1. SpiceJet: SpiceJet is a low-cost carrier that has gained significant popularity since its establishment in 2005. The airline is known for its competitive fares and attractive offers, making air travel accessible to a wide range of customers. SpiceJet covers various domestic destinations and has a reputation for providing a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience.

  1. IndiGo Airlines: IndiGo Airlines, founded in 2006, is the largest and most popular domestic airline in India. It boasts a market share of around 50% and is known for its punctuality, efficiency, and affordable fares. IndiGo operates a vast network of flights covering numerous cities across India and has a reputation for providing excellent customer service.
  1. Akasa Air: Akasa Air is a visionary airline committed to revolutionizing air travel. With cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and a focus on passenger comfort, Akasa Air offers an unparalleled experience. From personalized service to eco-friendly operations, Akasa Air is setting new standards in the aviation industry.