Toliday trip - Leadership Team, Management, Profile
Mr. Pankaj Jain (CEO)

Pankaj Jain Founder & CEO, Toliday Trip Pvt. Ltd.Pankaj Jain is the Founder & CEO of Toliday Trip Pvt. Ltd. He leads the company, business initiatives across all over India and led the company to gain success. Since its successful launch on January 2021. He led Toliday Trip to grow from a 3-member organisation and now many more employees are working and make Toliday Trip the leading travel brand in the country. Pankaj is passionate about Sustainable Tourism and has been championing this cause through Toliday Trip. He leads overall technology and management departments of Toliday Trip. Toliday Trip is responsible for developing and executing global technology strategy for the combined entity, and planning ongoing technology innovations for the company’s continued Success. With an overall experience of 10+ years. He brings along significant expertise in Service and platform engineering, including architecture, user experience, site operations, Product management and product strategy. His interests includes in gadgets, adventure sports, quizzing and of course, travelling.

Ms. Pooja Jain (Co- Founder & Director)

Pooja Jain Co-Founder & Director, Toliday Trip Pvt. Ltd.Pooja Jain is the Co - Founder & Director of Toliday Trip Pvt. Ltd. Pooja a part of the founding team that built Toliday Trip ground up, is a believer of India’s digital opportunity and a backer of many young Indian tech companies that are raring to make their mark. An internet industry veteran with a demonstrated history of working at the intersection of India’s booming consumer technology and tourism sector, Pooja is passionate about transforming business using tech and creating disproportionate value for customers.

Pooja leads strategy and operations of Toliday Trip. She also acts as a mentor to the senior management team and other high-potential team members. Being an avid traveller herself, she co-founded Toliday Trip along with his life-partner Pankaj Jain with an aim to make travel easy & hassle free for the Indian populace. At Toliday, she is responsible for new product development, building mobile technology and managing data centres. She has a voracious appetite for innovation and is constantly on the look-out for new avenues and technologies to help Toliday deliver a strong value proposition to its customers.
Pooja loves to travel and explore new gadgets in her spare time.

Mr. Paras Jain (VP & CTO)

Paras Jain has been appointed as Vice President & Chief Technology Officer (CTO), for Toliday Trip Pvt. Ltd. He leads overall technology of Toliday Trip Pvt. Ltd. Paras Jain is responsible for developing and executing global Technology strategy for the combined entity and planning ongoing Technology innovations for the company’s continued success. Paras Jain has an overall experience 10 + years. Paras jain brings along significant expertise in product and platform engineering, including architecture, user experience, site operations, product management and product strategy.

He had work in various companies i.e. Buddy Trip , AD India , Buddy Infotech work as a technical in charge / Digital Expert [4-5 yrs.] . Paras Jain cares about are: Animal welfare, arts, culture education and environment .

Mr. Lakshay Saini (COO)

Lakshay Saini, the young and dynamic COO (Chief Operating Officer) – Toliday Trip Pvt. Ltd also heads Buddy Infotech as BDM (Business Development Manager).Lakshay started his career in Buddy Infotech. He discovered his passion for Travel Management during his stint at Buddy Infotech as a Business Development Associate and later went on to serve Travel Management Companies.

At Toliday Trip, Lakshay has managed various roles spanning diverse functions, including Sales, Customer Relationships and Service Delivery. Today, Lakshay is responsible for the two-fold task of consolidating the Company’s India Corporate Travel operations, while also expanding its footprint globally. His focus on innovation saw creation of Business Travel strategic culture intent on serving the new age traveller. Lakshay is well respected in the industry, equally for his dynamism as also his subject matter expertise. Professionally, Lakshay has a keen interest in aviation, travel distribution & corporate travel management.