HDFC Bank ForexPlus cards offer a safe and easy way to carry foreign currency on your travel abroad - ensuring that you are not inconvenienced on foreign shores.

They are safer than cash, easier to use than traveller's cheques, and cheaper to use than credit or debit cards.

These ForexPlus cards are available for transactions in all the popular foreign currencies. They are widely accepted and protect you from fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

Regalia ForexPlus Card
  •      Available in USD Dollars
  •      Once loaded, be worry-free about Cross Currency Conversion Charges
  •      Waiver on ATM Access Fee or ATM ownership charges linked with All Point Network

Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card
  •      Available in 22 currencies, including the popular USD, Euro and GBP
  •      Once loaded, no worries about forex fluctuations in these currencies
  •      Create different currency wallets and transfer balance using NetBanking

ISIC Student ForexPlus Card
  •      Accepted as student identity card worldwide
  •      Available in the three popular global currencies - USD, Euro and GBP
  •      ATM withdrawal available in local currency