Discover 10 hidden gems in Himanchal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, located in the northern part of India, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and serene valleys. While popular destinations like Shimla and Manali attract a large number of tourists, there are several hidden gems in Himachal Pradesh that offer unique experiences. Here are 10 hidden gems that you must explore in this beautiful state.

  1. Chitkul: Tucked away in the Kinnaur district, Chitkul is the last inhabited village near the Indo-Tibetan border. This picturesque village offers stunning views of snow-clad peaks, apple orchards, and the Baspa River.
  2. Tirthan Valley: Nestled in the Kullu district, Tirthan Valley is a paradise for nature lovers. It is known for its crystal-clear river, dense forests, and beautiful trekking trails. You can also witness the traditional way of life in the nearby villages.
  3. Prashar Lake: Situated in the Mandi district, Prashar Lake is a hidden gem known for its tranquil surroundings and a floating island in the middle of the lake. The view of the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges from here is mesmerizing.
  4. Barot Valley: Located in the Mandi district, Barot Valley is a lesser-known destination famous for its scenic beauty and trout fishing. The valley offers opportunities for trekking, camping, and birdwatching.
  5. Kalpa: Situated in the Kinnaur district, Kalpa is a small town that offers magnificent views of the Kinner Kailash range. The town is dotted with traditional wooden houses and apple orchards, giving it a charming and serene ambiance.
  6. Sangla Valley: Another gem in the Kinnaur district, Sangla Valley is known for its lush green landscapes, snow-covered peaks, and the Baspa River. The valley is an ideal destination for trekking, camping, and exploring traditional Himachali villages.
  7. Narkanda: Located in the Shimla district, Narkanda is a quiet and peaceful hill station that offers panoramic views of the Himalayas. It is a perfect destination for skiing during winters and offers several trekking trails for adventure enthusiasts.
  8. Rewalsar: Situated in the Mandi district, Rewalsar is a small town with a sacred lake surrounded by Buddhist monasteries, temples, and gurudwaras. The serene atmosphere and religious significance make it a unique place to visit.
  9. Jibhi: Hidden in the Banjar Valley of the Kullu district, Jibhi is a charming hamlet known for its natural beauty, waterfalls, and trekking trails. The village offers a peaceful retreat amidst dense forests and snow-capped peaks.
  10. Malana: Located in the Kullu district, Malana is a unique village known for its distinct culture and history. The village is famous for its ancient democratic system and the production of high-quality cannabis. It also offers breathtaking views of the Parvati Valley.

These hidden gems in Himachal Pradesh provide an opportunity to explore the unexplored and witness the raw beauty of nature. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone seeking peace and tranquility, these destinations will surely leave you spellbound with their charm and serenity.